Faith is really all we have

Listen to Kari Jobe singing “Revelation Song” as you read this post

Scripture Isaiah 7:9

“If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all”


This verse comes from a dialogue between God, through the prophet Isaiah, and Ahaz, king of Judah, who reigned in the latter part of the 700s BC. Ahaz had put his trust in political alliances and lost his faith in the protection and power of God. The Lord specifically tells Ahaz that all he really has is his faith in God, and that is all he really needs. In his gracefulness God even allows Ahaz’ faith to be weak and invited him to ask for a sign that would strengthen his faith in Him (v. 10) but Ahaz refuses. Without faith in God, He will not use us.


If we were to boil the sum total of out lives down to the very core, our faith and trust in God is really the only thing that can sustain us. Everything else will eventually fade away – and it is only our belief in Jesus the Son of God the Father that enables us to overcome. Jesus told his disciples that even faith as small as a mustard seed is enough to tell a mountain to chuck itself into the sea. I want more faith today than I had yesterday. I want more faith tomorrow than I have today.


Jesus, my faith in you is really all I have. I pray that you would take the good days and the bad days and transform them into ever increasing faith in you and your love, power, mercy and grace. I am yours. Amen.


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