Becoming a disciple: being friends with Jesus

Scripture – Luke 24:45

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.


Jesus has the power to open our minds. As disciples, we desire to understand the Scriptures more deeply as we grow. What is happening in this passage is ‘revelation’ which comes from the latin ‘revelare’ meaning to uncover, to lay bare, or literally ‘unveil’. There is a veil over our eyes, our hearts and our understanding, and we struggle to grasp what so many things mean, yet Jesus has the power to open our minds to understand.


As I try to think about what this really means and how we as followers of the Way, that is Christ, can gain such revelation, a bank comes into mind. Imagine with me…

  • In front of a bank there are signs with its name and advertisements about some of the things you can get or learn by entering the bank.
  • There may be many banks in the same town or even on the same street, offering essentially the same thing but that appeal certain sections of society or others for different reasons.
  • Once you get inside the bank, there are brochures and TV screens that tell you about special things going on, how to set up accounts, what you should invest in and what you may get out of it in return.
  • There are people that can help you in the process of signing up, find the restrooms and get a list of services and opening hours.
  • You know that there is a vault somewhere in the bank, where great wealth and treasure can be found, yet you don’t imagine you could ever see inside – that’s something that’s reserved for the bank manager and maybe a trustworthy bank employee or two.
  • Most people only go to their bank when they need something or maybe they have a weekly routine of making deposits and withdrawals – often doing the same things their parents did.
  • For a lot of us, our local church looks a lot like a bank and our Christian walk seems a lot like belonging to a bank.
  • There are the signs out front, the brochures inside, the helpful people who can help us find our way around, and there is a vault…somewhere.
  • For three years Jesus lived and traveled with his disciples, teaching them things of the kingdom, yet three days after his crucifixion they still had not gained access to the ‘vault’ of heaven…until this moment in Luke 24.
  • Jesus is the bank owner.
  • We can become a member of the bank by trusting Jesus with our lives.
  • We can enjoy learning about the bank and participating in bank activities, and it certainly helps when the bank manager shares nuggets with us at a weekly service.
  • You only get to look inside the bank vault if you are REALLY good friends with the bank owner.
  • In Luke 24, Jesus opened the minds of his disciples so that they could understand deep truths of the vault of Scriptures.
  • Jesus is a real person. He wants to be really good friends with each one of us. He wants us to trust him and he wants to trust us with the treasures of heaven.
  • This relationship with Jesus must be pursued and it takes time.
  • His disciples walked and talked with him for three years, but it was just before his ascension that he was ready to open up their minds and give them understanding – he could trust them to use it wisely for His sake.


Jesus, I desperately want my mind to be opened by you that I might understand the Scriptures in a whole new way. I am not content to be anything less than an incredible friend to you. You have been faithful to be my friend but I want to be a better friend to you – only you Jesus can open my mind in such a way that I might have incredible revelation into your Word. Truly, I pray that you would be glorified and lifted up in my life, my attitude, my thoughts, my words and my deeds today. I love you Jesus, amen.


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