Becoming a disciple: Leaving room for God to confirm our message

Scripture – Acts 14:3

So Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there, speaking boldly for the Lord, who confirmed the message of his grace by enabling them to perform signs and wonders.


Being part of the advancing of the Kingdom of God does not come without power nor does it come without persecution.

The Lord confirmed the message of his grace, which was being preached by Barnabas and Paul, by enabling them to perform signs and wonders. So many of us in the ‘modern western Church’ have become cold to the idea that God is actually with us when we speak with boldness about Jesus. We have decided that after a couple of thousand years, God has lost a little of his zeal and doesn’t want to be as involved with the whole process anymore.

Let us remember whose Kingdom this is.

Let us remember that God will always care about this mission infinitely more than we could ever care.

He wants to confirm the message of his grace by enabling his people to perform signs and wonders, so that the lame may walk, the blind may see and the dead may be raised to life. We need to be preaching the right message, however. If we never tell people that God has the power to raise the dead, to heal bodies and relationships, to replace despair with incomprehensible joy, then he has nothing to confirm.


What does this mean for us?

1. Spend time with Jesus so that we know the heart of the Father.

2. Be bold in the Holy Spirit as you share with those in your life the awesomeness of God.

3. Make sure you are proclaiming things that God could actually confirm.

4. Pray. Ask. Believe. Step out in faith and pray for things that only God could do. Pray. Ask. Believe.

5. Know that God wants to advance his Kingdom much more that we ever could, so trust Him with how he responds to our prayers, requests and faith. It is our job to believe and to preach and to be bold. Let Jesus do the rest.


Father in heaven, you are so alive here on the earth. Give every believer a measure of faith to be like Paul and Barnabas, to preach a message that leaves room for you to confirm it through signs and wonders. I pray you would be glorified by our faith and that you would not say to a single believer “o you of little faith”. Let this faith begin with me. Open my eyes to your greatness and your passion to see your house filled with worshipers. Put a fire in my eyes to pray the scary prayers. I have been bought with a price and my life is yours. You are my King and I am your son. Thank you. In the mighty name of your Son, Jesus, amen.


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