Becoming a disciple: Expect to see God’s glory


Scripture – Leviticus 9:23-24

Moses and Aaron then went into the tent of meeting. When they came out, they blessed the people; and the glory of the LORD appeared to all the people. 24 Fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed the burnt offering and the fat portions on the altar. And when all the people saw it, they shouted for joy and fell facedown.


The people have sacrificed their belongings, their time and their skills to contribute to the building of the House of God. The instructions God gave Moses have been followed to the letter. Everything involved in the worship of God has been consecrated and anointed. Aaron and his sons have spent a week camped outside the Tent of Meeting.

It is the next day. The offerings have been made and the people are cleansed of their sin.

Sin is what separated us from God. Sin is what prevented us from seeing the glory of the Lord.

At this moment, past sin has been atoned for by innocent blood and the people have been prepared to worship.

The glory of the Lord appeared to all the people.  Fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the fat portions. The people fell prostrate and worshiped.


If we believe that Jesus was the atoning sacrifice for our sin once and for all, we are in right standing with God. We have been adopted into the family of God, not as slaves and servants, but as sons and daughters. The presence and the glory of God is available to us. Our Father in heaven wants his kids to want to be with him.

The people of Israel were expectant, excited, and ready to see God’s glory and worship him.

Do we gather together and expect to see the glory of the Lord? Do we fall facedown not to perform but truly out of joy? Do we offer our gifts for the building of the Kingdom of God out of duty or do we feel blessed to be able to offer our time, talents and treasure?

When we go to church Sunday, what do we expect? Of the environment, of the message, of the worship, of ourselves?


Jesus, you are so entirely worthy of my worship. I repent of having lower expectations of you and of myself. I choose today to expect to hear your voice and to see your glory – for I have been purchased and adopted, preparing me to worship you. May my heart be full of joy and prostrate before you. I pray all people would see your glory today and that many would be added to your family across the globe. You deserve worship. Find the worship you deserve in my heart this day. In your name, amen.



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