Becoming a disciple: Counting it joy to hand out invititations

Scripture – Psalm 22:27-28

27 All the ends of the earth
will remember and turn to the LORD,
and all the families of the nations
will bow down before him,
28 for dominion belongs to the LORD
and he rules over the nations.


Sometimes we forget that God had already won!

David penned this psalm and I am reminded that there is no wondering if we’re going to be on ‘the winning side’ or not. Jesus has defeated the devil and the war is over.


What then, are we supposed to do?

The war is over and we have been invited to the victory celebration in heaven that Jesus is getting ready. All we are really called to do is 1. remember that the war is over, 2. remember that we are on the winning side, and 3. invite as many people who will accept the free invitation to be on the winning side and to the victory celebration in heaven.

Why is this hard?

There are many voices telling us that the war couldn’t possibly be over and that a free invitation to be on the winning side is impossible – the very idea is too good to be true – and the reason why it couldn’t possibly be true…because we didn’t do anything to earn it.

That’s right. It was over 2000 years before we were born. The sin nature is our nature to want to have been part of the war. Understanding grace is accepting with joy our role of handing out invitations to the victory celebration.


Jesus, help me be content to hand out invitations to the party you’re getting ready. Thank you for the power to live without feeling the need to restart a war you have already won. Thank you for your Holy Spirit. As you prepare to return for everyone who has accepted the invitation, help those of us who have already accepted your victory to work hard to tell everyone on the planet. For your glory. In your name, amen.


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