Becoming a disciple: The adventure of being in HisStory

Scripture – Joshua 21:45

Not one word of all the good promises that the LORD had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass.


God is faithful. We can trust him to remain true to his promises.

God had made a promise to Abraham many, many years before. Abraham had never heard of neither Moses nor Joshua. If he had been told by God at the time that many years from then, a couple of million of his descendants would take over and settle in the land that he was looking at, as an old childless man, I’m not sure his brain would have been able to take it.

As it was, Abraham had had a hard time initially believing the fact that he and Sarai would have a son at all. With this documented account of the magnitude of God’s power and faithfulness, no matter how far-fetched the promised appeared to be, why do we doubt?


We have been invited into history. His Story. The Story of God.

At times, we might be asked just to believe a promise of God and to walk in faith, as Abraham did. We may not see the results in our lifetime, but we can be sure God is faithful. At other times, we might be asked to play a role that helps fulfill promises God has made to others long ago, who we may have never met, as Joshua did. As God creates his story and invites us to be a part of it, there’s really only two things that he needs from us:

1. Faith. Trust. Belief. Being ok with not knowing every detail but being content with knowing the author of the story.

2. Obedience. Knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit and following his lead.

We never know how God may be wanting to use us to bless others and to show his faithfulness. It may be a secret gift, a secret prayer, a word or note of encouragement, a hug, a secret act of service, a step of boldness, a step out of the comfort zone…life is incredibly fun if we embrace the adventure that God wants to use us to answer prayers and fulfill promises. We are his body. We have the one Spirit. We are the Church.

Let’s be full of faith and ready to obey today.


Jesus. Wow. Your word is so good. Holy Spirit, thank you for illuminating truth this morning. Amen.


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