Becoming a disciple: It’s ok to be weak, but we must be willing

Scripture – Judges 6:15

“Please, Lord, how can I save Israel? Behold, my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.”


This is Gideon speaking. Gideon, the one who shortly after with just 300 men would send the entire enemy army into confusion and retreat without hardly lifting a finger. How? Because the LORD was with them. He showed Gideon and all Israel that He didn’t need them at all but he wanted to invite them to participate with him, with absolutely no room for thinking they did it themselves!

To further illustrate his point, God chose to use the weakest man in the weakest family in the weakest clan in the weakest tribe in Israel. God is trying to make a point.

God can demonstrate his strength in our weakness. He desires willingness to trust him, obedience to follow him and faith to believe what he says despite the circumstances in the natural.


Have we ever felt like we should be the last choice, the last pick? Have we ever felt like the runt of the litter? At home, at work, at school, or even at church?

Jesus is in the business of using us when we don’t feel like we can be used. He loves to use the weak and our weaknesses.

However, unless we learn to willingly, obediently and faithfully trust, follow and believe him when he calls us, it makes no difference if we are weak or strong.

Let us not let our weaknesses define us, but rather our willingness, our obedience and our faith. We each need to be strong in those areas otherwise we’ll be forever hiding like Gideon was before he was called.

Has God called you into an assignment? Have you accepted it or are you hiding behind your weaknesses as an excuse not to complete the assignment given to you? Jesus is looking for boldness to follow him wherever he leads.


Jesus, you are the very reason I can breathe. You are the reason I desire to continue breathing. If you did not desire to share the truth about how much you love people to everyone on earth, I would have been beamed or zapped up to heaven the moment I believed in you. My life on earth is not about me but about those who don’t yet know that you have already died for them. Make the life of each believer inextricably intertwined with the core mission of the global Church – to share this saving truth with everyone else. Be glorified by your people today. Father, I love being your son. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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