Becoming a disciple: Spiritual authority

Scripture – Judges 21:25

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.


Without leadership, there is chaos.


It is not good for us to wander for any period of time without solid spiritual authority. I am convinced that wandering between churches or not being fully invested and submitted to leadership is a dangerous place to be.

As I think about the leadership I am submitted to in my life, it just makes me want to put on more layers of authority and therefore protection – without authority and submitting to it, there is only chaos.


Jesus, I am thankful today for the spiritual authorities you have established over me and my family. Thank you for the people who can tell me “no” and who have “veto” power over big decisions. It protects me. It keeps me safe. You are my ultimate authority and I hear you speak to me through those I am submitted to. Be glorified today. In your name, amen.


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