Becoming a disciple: Fearing God

Scripture – 1 Samuel 15:23

Presumption is as iniquity and idolatry.


The prophet Samuel is rebuking king Saul for not obeying God’s clear instructions (to completely destroy the Amalekites), and is telling him that his sin of presuming that he knew what God would prefer better than God himself is as bad as idolatry.

What he is talking about is pride.

Saul admits later that he feared the people more than God.

Fear of what people think always leads to insecurity which always leads to pride which is the root of all sin.


It is for my own sake that I must be obedient. I want to fear God and never fear man.

Placing my fear in God will stop me from feeling insecure which will stop me from being prideful which will stop me from sinning.


Dad, I place my total fear in you afresh this morning. You are the only one worthy to be feared. I pray I will never find myself insecure because I always want the fear, the awe, the total worship of you to consume me. I am your son today, willing to be obedient to your voice. Speak to me clearly today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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