We have to believe in healing

Scripture – 2 Kings 5:15

Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel


People desire to believe in God. However, they are afraid of being deceived by false gods – who promise much but deliver nothing. Naaman had been suffering from leprosy most of his life. None of the ‘local gods’ did anything to heal him. In fact, he went to Israel because he had heard from an Israelite girl that there was a man of God there who would be able to heal him. People will travel to receive healing. People value their health so much that they are willing to pay lots of money to get well.

The key in this passage is that after he was healed, he KNEW that Yahweh was the only true God and he was instantly converted there and then.

If the church becomes a place where it is known that people can receive healing, people will come from all around and be saved by the free gift of salvation. It’s easier for someone to believe in the free gift of grace once they have received a free gift of healing from the same God.


I need to pray in faith that our church will become a place where people can come from near or far and receive healing.


Father, I pray that you would unleash a power of physical healing at our church so that anyone who enters with a desire for prayer for healing shall be prayed for and shall get well. I ask you, just as you did with Naaman from Aram, do bring many people to faith in Jesus through the testimony of their own healing. I want you to be glorified. I want people to know you and spend eternity with you in heaven. I pray that for every person who believes after they have been healed in the physical, there would be 100 more who believe because of their testimony! In Jesus’ name, amen.


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