Becoming a disciple: Do not dilute the Gospel


Scripture – Luke 12:51

Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. – Jesus


Sometimes we think that Jesus came so that everyone could get along, that wars would cease, and that everything would be all lollipops and candy canes.


From the lips of Jesus, he makes it clear. He came to bring division. We would have to make a choice. We would have to choose between holding onto our own lives and losing them for his sake. He came to reconcile us to his Father, not to each other. However, as each person accepts Christ at the expense of their own lives, they are hidden in Christ in God with all other believers. So there is this strong contrast between Jesus coming to earth to bring division but also coming to welcome everyone into the oneness of being in relationship with him and in family with believers across the world.


It is not our job to water down the gospel so that it is palatable for more people. God desires all people to come to a saving knowledge of him, but he will not allow the message to be diluted for even though more people would come to drink of it, no one would experience the life that comes only from the raw truth.

Division is DI-VISION, two visions, and Jesus came to force people to make a choice.

I need to remember this. There really are only two ways to go: our way or the Jesus way. The Jesus way is the only thing that must be on our lips.


Father, thank you for sending Jesus to bring division. I choose your way. Help me always be clear when I tell others of your way. Never let me dilute the gospel. Use me as you will. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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