Becoming a disciple: Understanding the Scriptures

Scripture – Luke 24:45

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.


God wants us to understand the Bible. He has the power to simply open our minds so that we can understand.

So often we rely only on our own work or the work of others. Bible studies, pre-done devotionals, sermons and seminary courses are readily available and they are often the things we are encouraged to get and to do.

There is a simplicity in this verse that is quite shocking.

Jesus can very easily open our minds, our eyes and our hearts to be able to fully understand the Scriptures. Do we dare ask him to? What responsibility would we have to share if we had a deeper understanding of the Word? Do we actually prefer to live in ignorance, just receiving what the pastor has to offer on Sunday mornings?


I want to have my mind, my pre-conceived notions, my understanding completely blown open by Jesus so that he can allow me to truly understand the Scriptures.


Father, I want to understand your Word so much more than I do now. There is a richness, a depth, a power I know I have not yet grasped. Help me to be someone you can trust with the mind-blowing revelations and profound wisdom that only your Word can produce. More of you and less of me today. Open my mind. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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