Becoming a disciple: Expecting opposition

Scripture – Acts 22:22-23

The crowd listened until Paul said that word. Then they all began to shout, “Away with such a fellow! He isn’t fit to live!”

They yelled, threw off their coats, and tossed handfuls of dust into the air.


Some people, no matter how convincing the argument, how compelling the testimony, or how qualified the speaker – will just get angry and refuse to believe. In Paul’s day, people shouted, ripped off their coats, threw dust into the air and demanded his execution. In our day, it’s mocking, derogative Facebook comments and legal petitions to limit the church’s ability to function.


We need to expect and almost embrace the opposition to even our most finely tuned sermons, our most powerful worship experiences and our most compelling stories of miraculous healing and salvation. No one comes to faith through coercion, but by the drawing of the Holy Spirit.


Father, please help all of us who serve you expect and embrace opposition and scorn. It’s not about us, it’s about you and you getting the glory. You are the only one who draws people to salvation and you are the only one who can sustain all things. Find us obedient and willing to give it 100% even if all we see if opposition. We are yours. I love you dad. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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