Becoming a disciple: Being ready with an answer

Scripture – Acts 26:1

Then Agrippa said to Paul, “You have permission to speak for yourself.”


God can do incredible things to give us audiences with people we’d never think we could influence. Will we know what to say when someone tells us “you have the floor”?


We all need to think about these opportunities. We need to practice what we would say if someone invited us to give an account of the hope to which we cling. As Christians, we often think if we are ever going to witness to someone, it is going to be after we have worked to build a relationship enough to open up a window of opportunity to share. We think we won’t be taken by surprise because surely everyone hates God and wants nothing to do with any Gospel nonsense, right? I think all of us need to be expecting God to often give us incredible opportunities to share with one or many, just like Paul in Acts 26:1.

I need to be confident in myself that I know exactly what I would say to anyone who invites me to share why I hope in Christ. If I do not have a concise answer, then what kind of follower of Christ am I? If my faith is not important enough to have a clear answer ready for all who ask, what does that say to the inquirer about the worth of Christ?


Father, help me formulate in my mind and on paper a concise explanation of why I hope in Jesus. I want to be used by you to bring many into your kingdom and I want to be ready for any door you decide to open. Prepare me to live by Paul’s example. Give me opportunities to share with people of influence. My life is yours and I ask that you would be glorified through my life today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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