Becoming a disciple: knowing the agape love of God

Scripture – Matthew 3:17

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”


Jesus is the Son of the Father, the Great I Am. I am the father of Bella and Chloe. My love for them means I would do anything and everything to keep them from harm, from abuse, from neglect, from betrayal, from curses, from ridicule. It is the heart of a father.

Here we see the holiness and the majesty of God the Father. Jesus is his one and only beloved Son. We are but his creation. And yet. And yet he and Jesus chose together to launch the rescue plan to restore relationship with us, not as creator and creation, but as family. As father and son. As father and daughter. As brother and brother. As co-heirs.

The agape love of God, from him to us, this unmerited love that is humanly incomprehensible, is what enabled the Great I Am, the Father God, to watch his son, Jesus, the Christ, scorned, shamed, beaten, neglected, abused, cursed, ridiculed, betrayed, torn to pieces, and murdered.


I want to have the same love for those around me. Totally unmerited. Requiring nothing in return. It’s this love that the enemy and the facades of this world cannot replicate or counterfeit. It’s the ultimate action of the gospel. I want to be a man who loves like that, who loves like God.


Holy Spirit, I cannot even think to love like this without your power of grace at work in me. Teach me and lead me to be more like Jesus. The world needs more of Jesus and less of me. Father, thank you for loving me with such unmerited love. Thank you that I could never repay you. I receive your love and your forgiveness and the power of grace in my life in a fresh way today. I pray this in the powerful name of your beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.


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