Becoming a disciple: the call to influence

Scripture – Isaiah 11:12

He will raise a flag among the nations
and assemble the exiles of Israel.
He will gather the scattered people of Judah
from the ends of the earth.


Jesus died to reconcile all people to our Father. Our Father has many kids in many nations, many sectors of our societies. Most are unreached. But we know the plan – He will raise a flag among the nations, he will assemble those who are fatherless and hopeless, he will gather scattered people with no sense or reality of community, and these will be from every place where there are people.


I want to see those who are found, those who have accepted Jesus and have been reconciled to our Father – I want to see these fall in love with the people God has made them neighbors with, with those God has and will weave together through common passion, experience, and proximity. I want to see the people we interact with each day be gathered from every place – that they may experience the reconciliation to God for which Jesus died.


Father, may the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of his suffering. Amen.


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