Becoming a disciple: Led by the Spirit

Scripture – Acts 18:20

When they asked him to remain for a longer time, he would not consent


Paul was truly led by the Spirit. He stayed for 18 months in Corinth and virtually no time in Ephesus. I think time and personal investment are areas we have put our western boxes around. What would it be like to be as free as Paul to be truly led by the Spirit. I guess that’s part of being an apostle. But then again, as the Church was being established, people moved around a lot and fledgling churches were left under the leadership of new Christians. People were sent for and they came. People were asked to stay and they did what God spoke to them to do.
How do we remain in a place of being led by the Spirit within the confines of our societal structure?


Live light. With hands and ears open. Be wise but have faith.


Father, please lead me by your Spirit. Could the churches we plant now in 21st century america be done with the same leading as did Paul and his team 2000 years ago? I never want my “world” to hinder me from being led by your Spirit. Two years ago today you showed me a burning bush that was the confirmation for my family and I to move to Seattle from Colorado. Thank you for leading me by your Spirit then and I pray you would continue to tune my ear to your leading. There is no other way. Thank you for today, in Jesus’ name, amen.