Becoming a disciple: Trusting in God’s seasons

Scripture – Psalm 104:27

These all look to you, to give them their food in due season.


Total dependence. Not ONE of the options, but the ONLY option. God is the one we can look to and trust to provide for us in his timing. Whether fish or tree or lion or man, we can only look to God, and we can be sure he will come through in due season. In Western thinking, we have come to despise the idea of “In Due Season” – we want everything now: our food, our money, our happiness, our cars, our jobs.

It doesn’t work that way. God calls us to LOOK to him, to have total dependence on him to come through at the proper time (according to him and not us).


Rest. Looking to my God. He will come through. In his time and in his season.

I choose to look to him and rest in total dependence on him (not taking things into my own hands).


Father, thank you for your sovereign hand. Thank you for your timing. I give you today the sale of our house in Colorado Springs. I trust you. I choose not to worry based on the timings and seasons of this world. You are my God and I enjoy leaning on you for provision. Thank you for blessing me so much. You are such an amazing dad – please help me to father my kids like you father me. Give me your eyes and ears and hands and feet and mind and heart. All for you and the Lamb’s reward. In Jesus’ name, amen.